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ESGTree is one of the most advanced environmental, social, governance (ESG) data management platforms for investors and corporations.

Our straightforward Software as a Service (Saas) subscription streamlines all aspects of ESG compliance to help clients maximize impact.

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About Us

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Founded in 2020, ESGTree is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool designed for the environmental, social and governance (ESG) needs of private investors. These include impact investors , private equity firms, venture capital firms, pension funds, endowments, universities, development finance institutions (DFIs) and more. In essence, any intermediary who wants to collect ESG data from multiple sources.

ESGTree’s founders worked extensively with investors on ESG advisory services and realized there was a need for a cloud-based product purpose-built for investors.

ESG monitoring provides opportunities for better risk management, cost reduction, greater market reputation, innovation and employee engagement. The tool is purpose-built to serve the needs of seasoned ESG managers as well as those entering the ESG world for the first time.

ESGTree is currently compliant with UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) requirements and our approach is aligned with global sustainability boards.

Collect, Analyze and Report your ESG data

Our straightforward Software as a Service (Saas) subscription allows you to easily manage your ESG workflow from collection to analysis to reporting at the investor and corporation level.

Data Collection

Send out data collection requests with auto-reminder notifications

Trends Analysis

Analyze trends through visualizations, insights and scorecards

Materiality Mapping

Industry-specific indicators based on the most material issues

Industry Benchmarking

Compare specific indicators to industry datasets to assess performance

Carbon Calculations

Simplified tools to help measure greenhouse gas (carbon emissions)

Highlights Reporting

Send highlights of your portfolio's ESG performance through email

System Screenshots

We pay particular attention to user experience and human centered design


Core Value Proposition

Our main goal is to save you time and money with better results

Key areas of value

Efficient data collection

Analysis and insights

Lower costs

Better reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information please contact us.


Why did you launch ESGTree?

We aim to be the most advanced ESG solution for private capital markets and corporations like private equity, venture capital, credit unions and associated portfolio companies/clients.


How are you different from your competitors?

To be honest, we have very few competitors. Most ESG solutions are either built for public markets or for individual corporations. We are one of the few Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions built at the investor and corporate level.


Do you only work with large investors and corporations?

We started our work with large investors and corporations but are now offering more retail solutions for any size of company all the way from start-ups to large banks.


Why should I invest in an ESG data management platform?

Better ESG management is known to improve risk management, foster innovation, increase employee engagement and improve brand reputation in the market. There is only an upside to investing in ESG (Tree).

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